Pop-Up Rotors

• 5 year warranty and 100% water tested
• Radius adjustment screw decreases radius up to 25%
• Easy-grip threaded cover
• 8 field-changeable nozzles
• Safety clutch for vandal protection; ratchets like a sprayhead
• Adjustable arc from 40-360 degrees
• Pressure activated wiper seal and strong stainless steel
osnp prionpg- up models to ensure positive retraction
• Streamlined large flow tube to minimize pressure loss through
• Impeller flow regulator automatically matches rotation to nozzle
• Smooth impeller gear drive for highly uniform watering
• Large area, basket type, removable strainer for debris
• Check valve holds back 12' (3,7 m/hd) of elevated water

Heavy-duty plastic case with sturdy reinforced ribbed design.
Double-weighted arm for slower rotation and increased throw
Self flushing inner trip with i,proved inner trip lever.
Energy efficient low pressure and low flow operation.
Full circle or adjustable arc 20-340 deg.
Single nozzle with five nozzle options
Radius range from 11.0 - 13.0 Meters
Radius diffuser pin.
FP trip for full circle or part circle operation.
Inlet screen filter.
Side inlet installation is not recommended in freezing climates.
Multi function pressure activated wiper seal.
Combination of 1/2" and 3/4" female bottom inlet.